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This year has been full of excitement — returning to campus, reconnecting to one another, reading and thinking and making art together again. Scholars were eager to return to small ensemble work — learning new music, crafting text, building props and costumes, and developing choreography. Taking on the challenges of creating a collaborative performance in a new format, we have been immersed in reflecting, rehearsing, and reimagining what a RenArts show can be. Like all of our shows, this one is rooted in the questions scholars have been confronting in their humanities, smath, and arts studies. This year we have focused on conversations across time — in literature and images, cultures and scientific inquiry. What does the past tell us about who we are? And who decides what constitutes ‘we’?

Since public health precautions have prevented us from sharing our theater space with audiences, we were inspired by the opportunity to step outside the confines of the stage. We created a site-specific work, filming throughout the school, using lighting, set design, and our imaginations to transform the everyday spaces at RenArts into an immersive performance environment. The scholars have played a vital part in all aspects of this creative process, and everyone has participated. As a community, we have now entered the pivotal phase of post-production. Scholars are sitting with advisors to study the audio and visual footage, shape thematic elements, and experience first-hand the practical and unique challenges of editing a multimedia production.

We now bring to you a sneak peek of our year-long collaborative video project. As our editing team of advisors and scholars continues to construct this work, we hope you enjoy this small taste of things to come. We look forward to sharing the completed video with you at the end of the school year!



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