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RENAISSANCE ARTS ACADEMY utilizes the physical, intellectual, and aesthetic disciplines of music and movement to furnish multiple points of entry into core academic content and create alternate gateways to understanding, communication, and possibility for all students, especially those who might not thrive in a traditional school setting.  The program provides high-level performing arts training for students at every level of development, bringing together a cross-section of L.A.’s diverse ethnic, economic and cultural populations in a focused community designed to provide intellectual challenge, disciplined development of creative skills, and a cohesive school culture accessible to all students.  



In 2002, Co-Directors P.K. Candaux and Sidnie Gallegos founded Renaissance Arts Academy to provide equitable arts training to public school students in the belief that arts achievement and academic excellence go hand in hand. The shortage of tuition-free arts training for students from all backgrounds particularly disadvantages those students who struggle the most. RenArts targets cohesion and excellence, integrating a focused program of orchestral string instruments and contemporary dance with rigorous academics.


RenArts is tuition-free, non-sectarian, schoolwide Title 1 with 67% of students qualified for free/reduced lunch. There are no auditions, interviews, or prerequisites. All students are welcome – 95% of incoming students have no prior training in music or dance.


RenArts’ charter was approved by the LAUSD Board in 2003, renewed in 2008 and 2013. RenArts K-12 charter was approved by the LAUSD Board in 2014. Renaissance Arts Academy charter school is governed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. RenArts is among the top performing public schools in California. 

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