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Renarts Horticulture 2018-2019


Our mission as a horticulture focused enrichment group is to create a space at Renarts which provides all K-12 scholars with insight and hands-on experience into the functionality of urban, sustainable, and eco-friendly gardening. We will educate scholars by creating sub-irrigation tote-based systems that small groups will attend to, planting seed and or clippings, watering, and harvesting plants.



Scholars will have opportunities to:

  • Help aesthetically enrich various areas in and around the Renarts' campus

  • Help write and apply for independent foundation and government grants

  • Educate younger scholars on the benefits of sustainable gardening to emphasize the importance of environmentalism, cultivation, etc.

  • Build hydroponic systems

  • Go on agricultural based field trips

  • Collaborate with other enrichment groups such as animal and water science

  • Nourish compost bins

  • Cultivate an environment in which the biota attract species


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