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Arts Study at RenArts occurs through daily group instruction, and a cohesive and sequential in school and afterschool program offering a range of performance groups and performance project experiences. The after-school conservatory program is tuition-free and involves all RenArts students through daily on-site rehearsals in multiple orchestras, dance companies and percussion ensembles. Conservatory goals, pedagogical approach, and faculty are cohesive with the overall program serving to: 1) increase RenArts’ capacity to advance student expertise and technique; 2) deepen student ownership of the artistic process and product through development of collaborative student-created works; 3) broaden the social, intellectual and creative impact of students’ arts training through more complex integration between their artistic and academic pursuits. 


Studies throughout the school year, including Conservatory participation, culminate in the Winter and Year End Shows which provide all students with the opportunity to develop the individual and collaborative skills needed to achieve shared artistic goals through long term work on major productions. Individual preparation, ensemble rehearsals, show segment and entire show-run rehearsals are central to students’ performance and production learning. 

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