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All students participate in the full curriculum, including college preparatory A-G requirements to maximize post-graduation educational and career options. These comprise of instructionally appropriate levels of Humanities, Math, Science, Latin and the full range of assigned arts coursework every year. 

  •  2019 GRADUATES COMPLETING A-G             100%

  •  GRADUATION RATE                                          100%

  •  GRADUATES ATTENDING COLLEGE                 97%


The most authentic measures of school accountability are graduation rates and post-graduation options for college and career success, particularly for under-served populations. RenArts has a strong history of success for all students, maintaining a 100% graduation rate, 100% completion of A-G requirements, 100% completion of UC-approved Career-Technical (CTE) pathway, and 100% acceptance at four-year universities. RenArts graduates are 70% economically disadvantaged; 73% under-represented minorities; 52% first-generation college; and 12% Special Education.  20% of graduates have majored in the arts (music, dance, film, design, multi-media, visual art), with the remaining 80% studying a wide range of subjects including engineering, mathematics, physics, biology, pre-med, computer science, philosophy, psychology, sociology, critical theory, English, history, comparative literature, business.  Students have also completed career certifications including nursing, EMT, cosmetology, phlebotomy, xray tech, culinary, criminology, fire fighting, early childhood ed.

RenArts has a 0% dropout rate.

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